What We Do

Atomus -- the Latin word for atoms, which are the basic building blocks of the universe.
At Atomus Partners, we partner with clients to be their back-office nucleus serving as their building block for growth so they can focus on what they do best…their core business. We remove the common challenges small and medium-size businesses often struggle with in developing, growing, and maintaining a highly functional back office and help them move from a reactive state into a proactive state. We offer HR 2.0 (curious why 2.0? Ask us what it means!) and Business Support services (clerical work, reporting, bookkeeping, design and much more).
Atomus Partners is led by a leadership team known for growing successful businesses in various industries and delivering a highly engaging experience to the employees of the company. We focus on cultivating and challenging our people to be the best versions of themselves since we know that highly engaged teammates deliver the best experience to our clients and propels success for all.
We take the time to get to know your business, understand where you are now and where you want to go. We partner with you to find a customized solution that meets your back office needs.

HR 2.0

Icons - HR Partners
HR Partners
Extend the capacity of your HR team, or fully outsource your HR function.
Icons - Fractional HR
Fractional HR Leadership
Work with an HR Executive to translate your mission into a thriving employee experience that attracts, retains and motivates.
Icons -  Talent Aquisition
Talent Acquisition
Shorten the time to hire and drastically reduce your recruiting costs.

Financial Fusion

Having accurate financial data is the building block to understanding the health of your business.
Financial Management-1
Financial Management
Build your financial foundation for Growth.
Fractional CFO-1
Fractional CFO
Set your financial focus beyond today.

Business Support

Admin tasks, such as presentations or calendar management can often bog down small business owners and not allow them enough time to focus on their core business.
Coming soon.
A one-stop shop for all of your IT needs - equipment, programs, security and more.

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